Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pictures of Quiltique items

Our Facebook Ad for the quilting show has received 1000 hits – of which 35 are planning to attend.   This is a great response for our first run.  Elena Fraser of Strategic Gator, who is doing our PR for the show, would love to do a FACEBOOK ad directed at the Quiltique, but she needs pictures of what might be for sale.  If you are planning to be in the Quiltique, could you take a picture of one or two of your items and send them to me so I can forward them to Elena?   The more the merrier!  Please help!

Thanks!   Helen    gyllstr@bellsouth.net

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Preparing your quilts for the show

Sheila has prepared two documents to help you get your quilt ready for the quilt show.  

The first is a list of items that you need to attend to before submitting your quilt. The second  one gives instructions for putting a sleeve on your quilt so that it can be hung in the show.

These links will provide you with copies of those documents that you can read and print:

Preparing your quilt for judging

Creating a sleeve for your quilt

This is a direct link to the video referenced in the first document:

Video by Bonnie Browning on adding a sleeve to your quilt

Saturday, April 8, 2017

April Guild Meeting

Monday, April 10

Westside Baptist Church in the Family Life Building (behind the church).
10000 W. Newberry Rd. Gainesville.
2.56 miles west of The Oaks Mall.

April Program:
Program time at our April 10 meeting will be devoted to finalizing plans for our May 6th/7th Where Stitches Bloom 2017 Quilt Show. Any committee chair that wants time to fine tune her volunteers, will be so able. And of course Helen Gyllstrom will have this opportunity to recruit more volunteers in needed areas she is concerned about.

News from the Basket Raffle:
Calling all members...the basket raffle table needs happy smiling volunteers for Sunday. Please sign up at the April meeting or send me an email at lloydleesa@gmail.com.

Also this is the final drop off day for any raffle donations...fabric notions books patterns or an individual baskets that you have made.

Tell your Gator friends that thanks to Helen and Susan we have both a signed basketball and football that should bring big money for our organization.

News from the Quiltique:
Hello fellow Tree City Quilter’s Guild members!
The time is drawing near and soon our Quiltique will be open for business at the Quilt Show in May!

I do hope you all are busy making your items to sell and earn a little supplemental income! In doing so, be aware it is also time for Spring Cleaning!! So, please, if you will look around your sewing room and throw together some items in a bag that you no longer need, want or are tired of and donate these to the “Quiltique Grab Bag” section.
I am collecting items to toss into some brown bags to sell at the quiltique for $1/bag and proceeds will go to our guild. These items can be buttons, notions, thread, rick rack, bias tape, ribbons, scrap fabric, fabric quarters, etc. If you have a large selection of buttons, toss them in a baggie and I will sort through them and make smaller baggies to place in the brown bags. It is one way to clean out your stash (your husband may be so grateful) and another way for the guild to make some money.

If you are planning to sell items in the quiltique please be sure to get one of the “personal Inventory sheets” from me (with directions on how to fill it out correctly) and the tags that you will need to place on each item (tie it on, pin it on, or tape it to it). These will be used for checking in your items and for us to write down what is sold and we will also use it to “check you out” on Sunday after the Quilt Show is over. It is imperative that you come to pick up the items that “have not been sold” directly after the Quilt Show has ended on Sunday. You will need to bring “your items to sell” and check them in on Friday May 5 between 12 noon and 5 PM to the Best Western.

And since you will be selling items in the quiltique, I will be asking for volunteers to sign up at the March and April guild meetings, so please be thinking of which hour you can volunteer at the Quilt Show to the Quiltique! I will need (at least) 4 people signed up for each hour (10 -5 on Saturday May 6) and (10-4 on Sunday May 7). Here are the following places that I will need help: 1) someone to wear the “sandwich board” and walk through the Quilt Show and bring people to the quiltique. 2) someone to walk around the quiltique and help people with items and be sure they do not “walk away” without being paid for. 3) someone to help me at the table to collect money and take the tags from the items and to correctly catalog them on the personal inventory sheets. And 4) someone to stamp the “Prize Page” (it will be in the program – a separate piece of paper) and place completed pages into the jar for a prize drawing to be held on Sunday at the close of the quilt show.
I am looking forward to seeing all of your items for sale at the quiltique in May 2017!

Later!-Deena Sanders, Quiltique Chairman


Name Tag
Show and Tell
Snack, if this is your birthday month

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Quilt Registration Deadline 3/17/17

If you are entering a quilt in the Quilt Show, the deadline for registration is this Friday, March 17.  If you need a registration form, please use the link below.

Quilt Registration Form

This form is also available on the Quilt Show 2017 page along with other information about registering your quilt.

Selling Items in the Quiltique

If you are interested in selling items at the Quilt Show in the Quiltique, Deena has provided the following information for you. (This is the same information she provided at the meeting.)  The first link includes general information and instructions regarding how to prepare and tag your items.  The second is the form you need to fill in for the items you are going to sell.


Inventory Sheet

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Quilt Show Meeting

There is a quilt show meeting, Monday, March 6that Valerie's home (2715 NW 25th Place, Gainesville, FL  32605) at 7 PM. 

Two months until our show, please come and share in the fun!

Helen Gyllstrom

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Quilt Show Flyer

A link to a flyer has been added to the Quilt Show 2017 page for you to open, print, and distribute to your friends and family - or post in a public place. 

For your convenience, I have also included the link here:
Quilt Show Flyer