Thursday, April 12, 2018

Little Dresses for Africa

Dear Tree City Guild Members,

The Little Dresses for Africa project is going strong under the leadership of Jeannine Cawthon. I hope that you will continue to give me fabric (they love florals, but remember nothing with animals depicted), trims, and thread that I can pass on to Jeannine.

Thanks, Sandy Pozzetta

Report from Jeannine Cawthon:

Little Dresses for Africa
Since July 2014 we've sent out 2,980 dresses. Another 300+ are waiting in my living room to be sent on future trips. Nearly all of these dresses have gone with various church groups on mission trips so there has been very little postage paid. We have sent them to the following countries: South Africa, Guatemala, India, Malawi, Haiti, Mexico, Jamaica, Kenya, Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Peru, Congo, Puerto Rico. Also, dresses have been taken on several trips to Appalachia.

Most of the dresses were made with donated fabric, including a couple of quilting connections. We have bought almost all of the trim and thread ourselves. If we had had to purchase all of the fabric it would cost about $10.00 per dress so we are very thankful to have received so much fabric from
generous benefactors. Not until recent times have we had to buy any fabric.
The fabric that we can't use we donate to other places. In the last year or so we've been working with the Days for Girls group and have shared fabric with them and they have shared some of theirs with us. Nothing is wasted